LearnforJobs aims to bring together career-providers (enterprises), who are willing to provide-opportunities and support an aspirant’s journey of becoming ready for the job and career-aspirants, who are willing invest in making themselves ready for the chosen career option.

LearnforJobs helps enterprises (career-provider) to build Talent Pipeline by offering customized training and skilling intervention led career opportunities to the aspirants. It helps aspirants to choose amongst various career options, and then invest in upskilling and making themselves ready for the selected job-opportunity.

LearnforJobs is an opportunity for job aspirants to choose a career option across various enterprises, who have signed up with NIIT for building Talent Pipeline for in-demand skills. Post undergoing the selection process as approved by career provider , the aspirant is offered to join a program which helps him acquire necessary skills and expertise required to be successful in the specific opportunity.

LearnforJobs creates possibilities for highly-motivated aspirants who are desirous of specific career opportunities, hence are willing to invest in making themselves ready for the selected career. The selection process and program structure  are co-created with the enterprise, with many enterprises supporting and contributing to the program fee, and providing earning opportunities within the program through internship and on-job trainings which are built into the program structure. 

LearnforJobs helps organizations build Talent Pipeline in structured, scalable  manner by offering customized deep skilling programs to career aspirants, who are selected through a co-created and  rigorous multi-stage process. NIIT’s Talent Pipeline as a Service (TPaaS)  can solve the problem of mid to long term talent supply, across the careers in Technology, Marketing, and Sales.